Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here Comes Kevin ... and I'm Back ...

This totally cracked me up when I saw it parked behind the Avenue Diner not too long ago. It's just sooooooo Watertownish. Anything goes ... and I love it. The truck belongs to Kevin Crocker of Crocker's Body Shop. I know his brother, Dan, and he's a Sweet Heart if there ever was one.

And here's my point ... while posting about the recent trauma in my life, the time has finally come for me to move outside of it. I might miss something around here if I don't.

Ron is recovering and that's a fact.
I will continue to write about how things are going. "Family to the Rescue Allison" arrived yesterday. She was so cute sitting on the one bench outside of the Watertown Airport (that's ATY on the luggage tag) with her stylish hot pink bags. She thought we should take East Airport Drive around but we took West Airport Drive instead. Since I had come that way I didn't want to get lost. We took the scenic tour around Lake Kampeska to 42nd Street and across Highway 212. There are many thing that I love in my life, and one of them is coming across the Highway with someone special and saying, "See that grove of trees up there on your right"? "That's our place".


  1. Yeah, that would crack me up to.
    I have an inside joke w/ hubby about painted flames. I really don't care for them, so when I see them on cars, mailboxes, shirts etc...I always Say: Wow, look at those flames. I want some too. :)
    It never gets old w/ me.
    Love to hear Ron is getting better.
    you should try to get back to your normal self too.
    I smiled so big reading your last line: "that is where we live"
    So sweet. I love to hear how you really appreciate your home and life.
    You are a rare bird.

  2. I'm so thankful that Ron is on the mend, and for how well you sound. It felt like a generous breath, like, "AAaahhh" in your posting. There is no place like home. God bless you each moment.

  3. It's a new day, girl.... it's a new day. :-)

  4. Bravo that you are ready to "move outside the trauma," as you put it. I'm glad life is headed back toward normalcy!

  5. Ron, good to hear that recovery is well under way.

    Haavard and Cecilie