Sunday, September 21, 2008

Allison To The Rescue ...

She arrived on Monday with her energy level in high gear, as usual, and I adore that quality in her. She worked her tail off, directed me, prodded me, encouraged me, then finally committed me to hammering that first nail. Once we got that behind us it was a piece of pie ... a Tomato Pie. She managed to whip up a couple of those along the way.

Ron continues to improve ... her visit was a breath of fresh air for him. He is doing many things for himself now. News Flash: he shaved. This week it's a haircut. Then we'll have a photo shoot.

Here is Allison with one of our paintings by Margit Ilika, "Francesca Head On". I see a family resemblance ... Thank you from the bottom of my Wicked Step Mother heart. Muzzie loves you ... and yes, you can go to the ball.


  1. She is your Step Daughter?
    How great is that!!! So glad to hear the patient is doing better and getting a bit of independence too....he has come a long way!!!
    take care,Suz

  2. thoughts and prayers to you and yours! Enjoy your visitor :)