Friday, October 10, 2008

Sky Watch Poetry In Motion ...

Ron and I were on our way into Bed Bath and Beyond in Sioux Falls on Wednesday and this is what the sky was up to. I have many great shots but like this one in particular, because the light post gives some perspective. On the way home we could have pulled off of I29 many many times for additional Sky Watch photos, but Ruby Thursday was at Lakeview Kennel and we were running a bit late.

It's been a busy week. Ron's appointment with Dr. Assam, his Rehab Guru, went well. She is overseeing his progress with PT here in Watertown. We saw Dr. Moran, the Eye Doctor, yesterday. His vision is still blurred in his right eye, but it's not unusual for this to take up to 6 months to go away. There is a surgery for this, if necessary. Mom is out of Sanford Sioux Falls and back in Watertown at Jenkins Nursing Home for a month. It looks like one of her medications was the culprit in her digestive problems.

I've been pretty "Bucky" this past week. Thank you, Auntie Phil, for that very descriptive term for bitchy. I am so used to things being laid back around here and they are just not that way. They haven't been that way for months now. I am grateful for Ron and Mom's improving health, but have one basic need at this time ... where are my sweaters, socks, jackets, and parachute pants ??? It's fall now and I have not unpacked a thing since we remodeled and moved back in. But yesterday I was able to put the ear rings to rest that I have been wearing for two months ... for a Girly Girl that's progress!

More gorgeous Sky Watch skies at


  1. That's a nice sky photo, for some reason everyone seems to be having a heck of alot of things (abnormal) going on right now.

  2. Beautiful cotton-like clouds. Nice :-)

  3. The sky is beautiful. Love it...
    Glad to hear everyone is on the mend, now to get rid of the about a glass of wine on the back porch tonight?
    I could only hope to get out a jacket. Still in shorts, tanks and flip flops. 97 yesterday. global warming anyone???? Or maybe it is just Florida and I am getting ready gor the "change"
    take care.

  4. Great shot of the sky. It reminds me of a someone using a sponge to paint the clouds in.
    On your last posting before this one I have a quick question about your plant.
    Does that plant smell like methdol? I have plant that looks like that.

    If you have the time stop on in and the coffee is on,

  5. A wonderful photo. I just love those clouds! I see you are in South Dakota. I was an exchange student in North Dakota a long time ago! In '69 to '70 to be exact. It was a very special year and I saw snow, and lots of it, for the very first time!

  6. Wow...i love skies klike this not that we get many where I live.....

  7. Beautiful clouds! And good look with all of the hullaballoo going on in your life!

    Thanks for your sweet and supportive comment today, Laurie!

  8. Hi Laurie.
    I thank you for your kind comment. Your support was very much appreciated and especially during a time when you seem to have so much going on in your life as well.
    I see that things are slowly falling back in place for your husband but so much more runs amok in your life and I pray that it all settles down for you as well.
    You are an incredible woman. I admire you!!
    I have some healing to do and some new meds to try and only time will tell if I can get the seizures under control.
    The fall a few weeks ago triggered off a bout of new seizures and technically I should not be here today but God gave me another chance. So I shall see what comes of this latest episode and try to get stronger and regain strength through my left side as it pulled so much out... but I'm a fighter! And I have tons of support from folks like YOU and I really do appreciate it!
    Thanks so much!